Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas is a Teacher

by Andrea Noles

Here we sit, on the Eve of another Christmas. Maybe you’re reading this, knowing you still have a few more things to accomplish. Maybe you’ve checked your list twice and everything is in its place. Wherever you find yourself tonight, I hope you’ll be blessed by these words in a small way. Christmas is a teacher. If you are paying attention. This year Christmas has taught some beautiful hard lessons. It has revealed so many parts of my wounded heart that still need help, every single day, over and over again. It has reminded me of my need for Jesus and that seeking his face and receiving his grace is the simple gift I need to unwrap on all the days after Christmas. I ask you to stop for a moment and think back to all that has happened since December 1. Ask yourself “What has Christmas taught me this season?” Scroll through the pictures on your phone, look at your Christmas cards, tune your attention to your Christmas tree. Pause and pray, and ask God what he was teaching you through these ever fleeting moments. Here are a few things I’ve learned… 1. Christmas comes whether we are ready or not. You can prepare and plan or embrace it as it comes. Either way, Jesus is still the same. 2. Lights on a tree will simply always bring a peace and stillness to our home. But only He brings a peace that is lasting and true. 3. Glazed Almond Cookies are my new favorite cookie to bake. No spiritual lesson here. 4. The Christmas story is always true, always waiting to be read, and never gets old. 5. When little ones sing, look at them, and listen. They are proclaiming truth joyfully. One early December morning, my five year old asked if he could climb in his brother’s crib and sing to him. “Sure,” I quickly replied, knowing I had to come in and join the party for two reasons. 1. I couldn’t miss the sweet song he was about to share. 2. I had to make sure no one would get hurt, especially this early in the morning. Without hesitation, he broke out into chorus, singing, “Go Tell It on The Mountain.” It was a small, beautiful Christmas moment.
Sometimes we forget that the songs they proclaim when they are small, are actually sinking deeply into their soul and setting the stage for the proclamation of the Gospel. Whatever lessons you’ve learned, let them sit with you tonight. Let them change you. Let them move you closer to the one true God, the giver of the gift. To you, Oh Lord, we lift our souls. We trust you this Christmas Eve. Take us by the hands and lead us in your truth. Teach our souls to rest only in you. For you are the one who sent, who saves, and who sanctifies. Amen.

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