Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fighting Sleep

by Andrea Noles

I watched him wiggle and squirm, tossing his blanket from side to side. Paci in, paci out.
His eyes looked so sleepy, but his body was fighting.

There was too much to see, bottles to drink, toys to squeeze, and steps to climb.
“Why do I need sleep?” I could hear him thinking.

Then a gentle whisper settled softly in my ear.

“Andrea, you fight too.”

Now hear me loud and clear, I NEVER fight sleep. I welcome rest and tend to get more than enough. It is rare that I bat an eye until morning comes.

But I can fight.
I can question.
I can defend.
I can think I know better.

What is it today you are fighting?

A few Sundays ago our Pastor introduced a new concept of winning an agreement instead of winning an argument.

I tucked that simple thought away in my pocket and I’ve kept it close by.
I’ve been dwelling on this idea of responding like Christ and offering up words that edify and encourage.
Words that bring joy and create a canopy of grace over those we are sharing life with.

Why are we fighting anyway?

To be right, to be justified, to win?

Are we are fighting for what’s already be done?
Are we are trying to win what’s already been won?

     Once there was a man named Gideon and God sent an angel to speak to him. Gideon was working diligently when he got the message that God wanted him to lead an army against the enemy. Gideon was humbled by the personal request from God, but agreed to let God use him (Judges 6:12-16).
Gideon gathered all the men he could to go against Midian. His army numbered 32,000 men. But God said that was too many. Gideon invited all those who were afraid to go back home without any repercussions. He was probably quite disappointed when 22,000 of them turned and walked away. God said that the 10,000 were too many (Judges 7:3).
    God instructed Gideon to take the remaining men to a place to get a drink. Most fell on their stomachs to drink deeply from the water. A few scooped the water to their mouths so that they could keep their eyes open for any enemies. God told Gideon that those men who were vigilant were the men who were to go against Midian (Judges 7:5-7). While it was good that Gideon was given the best of the soldiers, they only numbered 300 men. If he was disappointed before, he was even more so now. But God assured Gideon that the battle would be won by the Lord and not by the men. God did not want anyone thinking that Gideon and his men won the battle. They were merely tools in God’s hand.

You too, dear friend, are a tool in God’s hand.
Let Him fight for you.
Let Him rejoice over you with singing.
Let Him love you.

This week I challenge you to take a step back from your war. 
Ask God why you’re fighting so hard and listen to His answer.

Rest in His story and remember to remember Him.

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